7th IAHR Europe Congress

7-9 September 2022, Athens, Greece


Greece plays a significant role in Europe in water works. From very ancient times, the Greeks developed hydraulic technologies and structures; many of them are found in Athens, including the Peisistratean and Hadrian Aqueducts, that are in operation until today and are considered as key milestones in the history of hydraulic works.


In a timeline exceeding eight decades, the Congresses of the International Association for Hydro-environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) have successfully inspired, educated, and collaborated with the world’s leading experts in a quest to help address some of the world’s most crucial issues concerning water environment engineering.


Through the 7th Europe Congress titled “Innovative Water Management in a Changing Climate”, IAHR aims to provide a platform to renown professionals, researchers, scientists, and engineers, to interact and explore innovative ways to face the challenges on hydro-environmental sciences and their practical applications, share their research and practical experiences, advance the education of younger generations, and challenge and be challenged in lively debates and conversations to ultimately benefit the wellbeing of our world.


With the interest and concern in matters of water and climate change rising in a global scale, younger researchers and scientists are invited to submit and show their innovative work, introducing new ideas to the world in all fields related to hydraulic research and its practical applications.


Hydro4U will be contributing to this conference with a 15 min oral presentation in the session on “Water Management in Remote Areas Under Climate Change: Social, Economic and Environmental Nexus”. A related abstract by Markus Reisenbüchler, Beatrice Marti, Tobias Siegfried, Oyture Anarbekov, Bertalan Alapfy and Nils Rüther on the “Integration of small-scale hydropower in water management: A case study from Shakimardan, Uzbekistan” has been accepted.


Further information: 7th IAHR Europe Congress