“Hydro4U will demonstrate that small hydropower can be a sustainable and economically feasible source of green energy in Central Asia as well,” Prof. Dr. Peter Rutschmann, member of the Hydro4U External Advisory Board.


The high ambitions of Hydro4U can only be achieved when the project generates impact. The international, transcontinental network of partners within Hydro4U can generate this impact, as smart, innovative technical concepts are demonstrated in close cooperation with local partners. The innovative actions from Hydro4U generate an overall economic impact in the EU and Central Asia.


Hydro4U technical solutions serve as a role model for future small-scale hydropower projects in the different countries in order to establish long-term cooperation’s between Europe and Central Asia.


All in all, Hydro4U will contribute to the following impacts:


  • Support the competitiveness of the European hydropower technology sector as a responsible actor in global markets in the long-term
  • Promote the overall sustainability of the provided hydropower solutions within the Water-Food-Energy-Climate nexus in Central Asia
  • Strengthen the worldwide leadership of the European hydropower industry in providing innovative and sustainable hydropower solutions
  • Support international cooperation with developing countries to reach together the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Increase energy security in remote areas
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Elaborate new standards that are both cost-efficient and sustainable
  • Enhance the international cooperation with developing countries in terms of (scientific) knowledge exchange and technology support


Technical solutions