Sites & Solutions
Sites & Solutions

Sites & Solutions

Hydro4U will employ demonstration activities and planning activities as a two-fold approach to elaborate, demonstrate and disseminate reproducible ecologically, economically and socio-politically sustainable solutions. This broader focus allows Hydro4U to target most of the unexploited small-scale hydropower potential, ranging from low to medium heads. Hydro4U will develop, demonstrate and assess innovative, modular and standardised hydropower solutions for both low-head and medium-head application. In addition to direct market access for the participating project partners, Hydro4U will facilitate market access for European hydropower manufacturers and service providers in Central Asia as a whole.

Demo 1: Container Solution

Medium-head Francis Container Power Solution (FCPS) will be exploited with the structurally simple and standardised Francis Container concept.

Demo 2: Shaft power plant

Sites with a lower head difference can be exploited by run-of-river hydropower using the innovative Hydro Shaft Power Solution (HSPS).

Planning Activities

Besides the demonstration activities, Hydro4U will also include planning activities to expand the focus of the project, both regionally and in terms of content.

Web-based Decision Support System

Check out the Web-based Decision Support System developed by Hydro4U partner BOKU to detect potential small-scale hydropower sites.