13 partners from 8 countries are collaborating to boost sustainable small-scale hydropower in Central Asia.

Sites & Solutions

Eco-friendly hydropower solutions will be implemented in two demonstration plants.

Project Launch

The Hydro4U project, funded under Horizon 2020, was officially launched on 29th June 2021.

Central Asia Visit

To reach the project’s first major stage, a project team consisting of part of the Hydro4U consortium undertook a trip to Central Asia visiting Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Project info
Project info

Project info

Hydro4U aims at demonstrating European small hydropower equipment and technologies in Central Asia thus contributing to a sustainable and climate-resilient future for the region.  The project is funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Latest News & Events
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Connecting fish and people: Protection of Fish Biodiversity in Mountainous areas of Central Asia
Hydro4U partner TIIAME meets with the delegation of the German Ministry of Education and Research
Sites & Solutions
Demo 1: Container Solution

Medium-head Francis Container Power Solution (FCPS) will be exploited with the structurally simple and standardised Francis Container concept.

Demo 2: Shaft power plant

Sites with a lower head difference can be exploited by run-of-river hydropower using the innovative Hydro Shaft Power Solution (HSPS).

Planning Activities

Besides the demonstration activities, Hydro4U will also include planning activities to expand the focus of the project, both regionally and in terms of content.

Web-based Decision Support System

Check out the Web-based Decision Support System developed by Hydro4U partner BOKU to detect potential small-scale hydropower sites.

Impact & Results

The high ambitions of Hydro4U can only be achieved when the project generates impact. The international, transcontinental network of partners within Hydro4U can generate this impact, as smart, innovative technical concepts are demonstrated in close cooperation with local partners. The innovative actions from Hydro4U generate an overall economic impact in the EU and Central Asia. 


Hydro4U technical solutions serve as a role model for future small-scale hydropower projects in the different countries in order to establish long-term cooperation’s between Europe and Central Asia.

Publications & Media

Hydro4U offers free access to publications and media such as:


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