Hydro 2022

25-27 April 2022, Strasbourg, France


In the light of the success of the SOLAR-HYDRO 2021 virtual conference held in July, which brought together solar PV experts with hydro and dam engineers, to discuss practical aspects of floating solar PV on hydro/dam reservoirs, this topic will also be introduced to HYDRO 2022 with a track of sessions.


Other topics addressed will be:


  • hybridisation of renewable energy systems
  • pumped-storage
  • hydropower technology
  • innovative remote systems
  • sedimentation
  • Hydro plant safety, upgrading and refurbishment
  • fish protection
  • small hydro


Small hydro is once again a popular topic this year, and two sessions will be devoted to technical advances, innovation and case studies. Examples will include: exploring the efficiency of low and ultra-low head small hydro plants; optimising cross-flow turbine operation; a double regulated mixed flow turbine for SHP applications; a new micro hydro turbine for in-pipe installations; design concept and operational feedback on a small hydro plant on the Rhône; and, lessons learnt from small Pelton projects, regarding cavitation and bearing damage.


The HYDRO 2022 Technical Exhibition will showcase the most active and innovative companies in the hydropower and dams industry worldwide.


Further information: https://www.hydropower-dams.com/hydro-2022/