IAHR 2023 | Special Session by Hydro4U

21-25 August 2023, Vienna, Austria


Vienna is one of the major connecting points in Europe bringing together East and West, South and North and, from a worldwide perspective, has always been an excellent meeting place, proven by the large number of international organisations based in Vienna as well as by numerous international conferences with thousands of participants.


For more than seventy-five years, the biennial IAHR World Congresses have brought together leading experts to help address the world’s pressing water environment engineering challenges by providing researchers and decision makers with the opportunity to share recent advances and experiences, identify emerging technology trends and engage in lively debates.


The 40th IAHR conference will put a particular focus on rivers being lifelines connecting mountains and coasts while simultaneously being strongly affected by climate and land use change.


For this purpose, a Special Session titled




will be held at the 40th IAHR conference.


Central Asia has large potential for hydropower generation, however, water resources are unevenly distributed and heavily exploited by irrigation. Advancing sustainable hydropower generation in this region, therefore, requires interdisciplinary research including hydrology, ecology, hydromorphology and hydraulic engineering as well as the Water-Food-Energy (WEF) Nexus Concept.


This Special Session covers research related to ongoing hydropower projects in Central Asia with the focus on sustainability, replicability, new findings and tools. It was initiated by Hydro4U partner BOKU and will be chaired by a team of TUM, BOKU and HSOL.



Abstracts and contributions to this Special Session can be submitted until the 15th of January 2023.



Register here: https://rivers.boku.ac.at/iahr/registration/


For further information: https://rivers.boku.ac.at/iahr/special-sessions-2/wfe-nexus-sustainable-development-of-small-hydropower/