6-9 September 2023, Savona, Italy


The SUstainable PolyEnergy generation and HaRvesting Conference and Exhibition, short SUPEHR23, is taking place at the Savona University Campus. It will provide an unprecedented opportunity for the academic and industrial communities to meet in a highly interdisciplinary environment, to investigate new ideas, to share innovative solutions, and to discuss future research directions in the area of energy storage, battery system/technology level and coupling in power plants and hybrid systems and of polygeneration. Invited speakers will present potential applications for enhanced power generation efficiency, synergies with alternative technologies, industry-academia collaborative framework, intellectual property management and others.


Experts, keynote speakers and technical presenters from all over the world will discuss the most promising technologies for conventional and renewable power generation, enhancing efficiency, flexibility, reducing emissions, and including advanced energy storage solutions.


Hydro4U will be part of the “International Cooperation Workshop (Sustainable energy and international cooperation)”, taking place on September 6th 2023 from 11.20 to 12:40, chaired by Massimo Rivaloro.



For further information visit: Welcome | SUPEHR23 ( and check out the conference programme: ScheduleComplete_20230822