Viennahydro 2022 – 21st International Seminar on Hydropower Plants

9-11 November 2022, Vienna, Austria


Hydropower for future generations, a theme that like no other emphasises long-range impacts of hydropower activities. All measures taken today, will always have a major impact on our children and grand-children. Therefore, it is just right to make hydropower viable for the next generations.


Call for Papers is open.



  • Innovation, trends and future technologies
  • Flexibilisation and smart grids
  • Requirements from electrical grid to power generation and storage
  • Quantum Computing
  • Digitalisation on Machine- and Systemlevel – technological aspects
  • Planning and Operation of Varspeed Pumped Storage Plants
  • Operation, Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Modernisation
  • Design rules, Standardisation and Legal aspects
  • Physical modelling and numerical simulations
  • Experimental Investigations on models and prototypes
  • Cavitation under extreme load conditions
  • Hydraulic systems and transient behaviour
  • Market change, Business Models and Economics of Hydro Power
  • Sustainability and environmental impact
  • Small hydro


The role of hydropower in Europe is ever-changing. Therefore, the conference shall provide a platform to exchange experiences and enable an open-minded discussion about the future of hydropower.


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