ASIA 2023 / Hydro4U Special Session

14-16 March 2023, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The Aqua~Media International team, with the support of the Malaysian Government, the Malaysian Committee on Large Dams, and the State Power utilities, welcomes the global water and energy community to this event.


Peninsular Malaysia, as well as Sarawak and Sabah, have wide experience of large and small hydropower development and multipurpose dams. Study tours will visit to some of the large cascade developments in Peninsular Malaysia. Hydropower supplies about 20 per cent of Malaysia’s approximately 34 GW of installed capacity, with hydro supplying more than 20 TWh/year. The Government is strongly committed to increasing the share of renewable energy in the country’s generation mix, with a target to add 4 GW of renewables across the thirteen states by 2030.


A major element of the ASIA 2023 event will be the Technical Exhibition, running for three days alongside the conference. The exhibition pavilions will be the main hub for business networking, between delegates and industry representatives who will be exhibiting their supplies and services.


In addition, there will be a Special Session on IEA activities and Hydro4U, promoting small hydro development in Central Asia, chaired by project partner Klaus Jorde, International Energy Agency. The content of this session will reflect the current activities of IEA Hydro, and Hydro4U project coordinator Bertalan Alapfy from the Technical University of Munich will host a session on the support of small hydro in Central Asia. A new element to the session will be papers on Hydro4U (see also Hydropower & Dams, Issue 5, 2022), in which IEA is involved.



Further information: Conference Themes | ASIA 2023 ( and Conference programm: ASIA 2023