Hydro4U partner TIIAME meets with the delegation of the German Ministry of Education and Research

On October 17, Hydro4U project partner TIIAME NRU met with representatives of the German Ministry of Education and Research, discussing the state and prospects of cooperation in the field of scientific and potential development aimed at solving current problems of the world and the region.


The meeting was held between the head of the university and the delegation led by Gabriele Hermani, the head of the Department of Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia of the German Ministry of Education and Research. In addition, Dr. Rudolph Smolarshik, Head of the Central Asian Department of the Council of Rectors of German Higher Education Institutions, Dr. Stefan Schwartze, Head of the German Geosciences Research Center (GFZ_Potsdam), Dr. Abror Gafurov, Chief Research Officer of the research center, and the leader of the Zalf Research Center, Researcher Dr. Akhmad Khamidov, Researcher of IAMO Scientific Center Nodirbek Djanibekovs participated in the meeting.


At the end of the meeting, an agreement was reached on current and priority directions and approaches for the development of mutually beneficial cooperation.



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Author and picture credits: TIIAME

LIFE NEXUS: What if urban water networks could become a source of renewable energy?

The nexus of water and energy, two vital resources, is becoming critical in cities due to demographic movements, economic growth and an inexorable increase in demand. Water scarcity and the need for low-carbon solutions make it a challenge to deliver urban water services without increasing their impact on the environment.


In this context of clean energy transition, LIFE NEXUS wants to show the potential of micro-hydropower systems for recovering untapped energy, deriving from abundant pressure (water head) or kinetic energy (water flow) in European water networks. LIFE NEXUS brings together partners from Spain, Poland and Lithuania, a valuable cross-border network and is coordinated by Hydro4U project partner CARTIF.


The project will install a Small-hydropower plant at the Porma drinking water treatment plant in the Spanish city of León, integrating Pump-as-Turbine (PaT) technology with an energy storage. When fully operational in 2024, this system will supply the plant’s total annual energy demand.


In parallel, no systematic assessment exists of hydropower potential to produce ‘green’ electricity in European urban water networks. LIFE NEXUS is bridging this data gap with the first inventory of potential locations and existing installations. This already contains 104 sites in 10 different European countries, with the information georeferenced and available through a web platform.


The project is building a broad community of stakeholders linked to water services to help identify new locations for its inventory, via a simple online survey. The inventory will feature industrial locations and irrigation areas, as well as urban sites, to promote the project’s transfer.


LIFE NEXUS is a project funded under the LIFE Programme (Ref. LIFE17 ENV/ES/000252) coordinated by CARTIF Technology Centre.


Author: Raquel Lopez, CARTIF




For more information, visit: LIFE NEXUS website: LIFE NEXUS / Promotional material | LIFE NEXUS (available in EN, ES, LT, PL) 

Workshop on enhancing Water Security and Managing Water Resources in Central Asia held by IWMI

During the workshop titled “Enhancing Water Security and Managing Water Resources in Central Asia”, which took place on July 31 2023 in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, Abdikhamid Urazkeldiev, the national consultant of IWMI (Hydro4U project), delivered a presentation on the topic “Small Hydro Power (SHP) in the Context of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Climate Change: Contributing to the Development of Green Energy through Cross-Sectoral relations.”


The workshop was part of a series of similar events focusing on enhancing capacity and promoting collaboration among stakeholders in the region for better water security organized by IWMI Regional Representative Office for Central Asia in partnership with local institutions in Central Asia. In addition, this workshop was also sponsored by the U.S. Forest Service.

During his presentation, A. Urazkeldiev highlighted the increasing relevance of Small Hydro Power (SHP) for the countries in Central Asia and emphasized the support they receive from various donors, including the EU regional project, “Hydro4U – Hydropower for You,” which covers Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. A more detailed explanation was provided about Hydro4Us’ Test-site “Badam” in Southern Kazakhstan.


The participants of the workshop discovered that through collaboration among representatives from the fields of science, industry, business, and research, advanced innovative technologies are being introduced to the countries of Central Asia, particularly in the development of small hydropower plants. The implemented technologies are based on European Small Hydropower technologies with the aim to find innovative solutions tailored to Central Asian needs and the use of green energy.







В ходе семинара «Повышение водной безопасности и управление водными ресурсами в Центральной Азии», который состоялся 31 июля 2023 года в Шымкенте, Казахстан, Абдихамид Уразкелдиев, национальный консультант IWMI (проект Hydro4U) выступил с докладом на тему «Малые гидроэлектростанции (ГЭС) в контексте взаимосвязи Малые ГЭС в контексте Нексуса «Вода-Энергия-Продовольствия» и изменения климата (Вклад в развитие «зеленой» энергетики: преимущества межотраслевых связей)». Семинар стал частью серии мероприятий, направленных на укрепление потенциала и развитие сотрудничества между заинтересованными сторонами в регионе для повышения водной безопасности, организованных Представительством ИВМИ в Центральной Азии в партнерстве с местными учреждениями в Центральной Азии и спонсируемых Лесной службой США.


Во время своего выступления, А.Уразкельдиев отметил растущую актуальность малых ГЭС для стран Центральной Азии и подчеркнул поддержку, которую они получают от различных доноров, включая региональный проект ЕС «Hydro4u – Энергия для вас», который охватывает Казахстан, Кыргызстан, Узбекистан и Таджикистан. Было предоставлено более подробное объяснение об испытательной площадке Hydro4U под названием «Бадам» в Южном Казахстане.


Участники семинара узнали, что благодаря сотрудничеству представителей сферы науки, промышленности, бизнеса и исследований в странах Центральной Азии внедряются передовые инновационные технологии, в частности, в области развития малых ГЭС. Эти технологии получены из стран ЕС и направлены на продвижение использования зеленой энергии.

Author & picture credits: IWMI

IWMI presents the Hydro4U project at training sessions in Kazakhstan

On August 1, 2023, two trainings were held in Shymkent, Kazakhstan on “Application of water accounting facilities and automation in irrigation systems and river basins” and “Introduction of digital technologies in the water sector”. These trainings are part of a series organized by International Water Management Institute (IWMI) Regional Representative Office for Central Asia in partnership with local partners and sponsored by the U.S. Forest Service.


More than 25 participants attended the two trainings, including researchers, Ph.D. students, as well as practitioners from Kazakhstan. During the event, Oyture Anarbekov, country manager of the IWMI Regional Representative Office for Central Asia discussed the objectives and goals of the Hydro4U project and shared information about the institutional concept in transboundary small rivers, which was successfully tested in the At-Bashi and Shakhimardan rivers.


The audience at the training expressed their interest in O.Anarbekov’s speech and posed questions about the Hydro4U project, which were duly answered.





1 августа 2023 года в г. Шымкент, Казахстан, состоялись два тренинга на тему «Применение средств учета воды и автоматизации в оросительных системах и бассейнах рек» и «Внедрение цифровых технологий в водном хозяйстве». Данные тренинги являются частью серии, организованной Регионального Представительства Международного института управления водными ресурсами (IWMI) по Центральной Азии в партнерстве с местными партнерами и спонсируемой Лесной службой США (USFS).


В двух тренингах приняли участие более 25 участников, в том числе научные сотрудники, докторанты и практики из Казахстана. На мероприятии выступил Ойтуре Анарбеков, региональный менеджер Регионального представительства ИВМИ в Центральной Азии. О.Анарбеков обсудил цели и задачи проекта Hydro4U и поделился информацией об институциональной концепции на трансграничных малых реках, которая была успешно апробирована на реках Ат-Баши и Шахимардан.


Слушатели тренинга проявили интерес к выступлению О.Анарбекова и задали вопросы о проекте Hydro4U, на которые были должным образом даны ответы.

Author & picture credits: IWMI

Presentation of the Hydro4U project at the International Conference in Kazakhstan

On August 4, 2023, by invitation of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as the Governor Office of the Turkestan Province of Kazakhstan, Country Manager of International Water Management Institute (IWMI) Regional Representative Office for Central Asia, Mr. Oyture Anarbekov, as well as IWMI Central Asia’s project consultant Mr. Abdikhamid Urazkeldiyev participated and contributed to the International Conference: Improving the environmental situation in the region through the development of green spaces and issues of agricultural development.


Thereby, Oyture Anarbekov presented current ongoing One CGIAR Initiatives as well as current bilateral projects in Kazakhstan including Hydro4U (EU).Furthermore, insights on the Hydro4U project’s objectives and goals were shared as well as the institutional concept in transboundary small rivers.


Oyture Anarbekov’s presentation was well-received by the attendees, who appreciated his expertise and insights on the Hydro4U project and its potential impact on the region’s water resources management. Overall, the conference provided an excellent platform for sharing knowledge and ideas on environmental sustainability and agricultural development in Kazakhstan and beyond.





4 августа 2023 года по приглашению Академии сельскохозяйственных наук Республики Казахстан, а также Акимата Туркестанской области Казахстана, Страновой менеджер Регионального Представительства Международного института управления водными ресурсами (IWMI) по Центральной Азии Ойтуре Анарбеков, а также Консультант проекта Представительства IWMI в Центральной Азии Абдихамид Уразкелдиев приняли участие и внесли свой вклад в проведение Международной конференции: Улучшение экологической ситуации в регионе путем развития зеленых насаждений и вопросы развития сельского хозяйства.


Ойтуре Анарбеков выступил с презентацией, о текущих инициативах One CGIAR, а также о реализуемых проектах, включая Hydro4U (ЕС). Он поделился своим мнением о целях и задачах проекта Hydro4U, а также об институциональной концепции трансграничных малых рек.


Презентация О.Анарбекова была хорошо встречена присутствующими, которые высоко оценили его опыт и понимание проекта Hydro4U и его потенциального влияния на управление водными ресурсами в Центральной Азии.


В целом, конференция стала плодотворной платформой для обмена знаниями и идеями по вопросам экологической устойчивости и развития сельского хозяйства в Казахстане и за его пределами.

Author & picture credits: IWMI

Empowering Women in Central Asia’s Energy Transition: Addressing Gender in the Hydro4U Project

Promoting a gender perspective and addressing the unique challenges faced by women in Central Asia’s energy transition is crucial for achieving sustainable development. Central Asia holds immense potential for sustainable small-scale hydropower, which remains largely untapped in the region. The Hydro4U project aims to address this untapped potential and demonstrate the viability of eco-friendly hydropower solutions in Central Asia. However, the project goes beyond the realms of energy and technology. It recognizes the importance of addressing gender issues and empowering women in the water-energy-food-climate nexus.


The Hydro4U project aims to adapt European technologies to Central Asia, demonstrating the viability of sustainable small-scale hydropower and fostering cross-sectoral cooperation. Thereby, one of its core objectives is to promote gender equality by ensuring women’s active participation, capacity building, and economic empowerment in the water-energy-food-climate nexus. By integrating gender considerations into its activities, Hydro4U aims to create a more inclusive and equitable society.


The current energy crisis and transition in Central Asia, shifting from fossil fuels to renewables, have specific effects on women, exacerbating the burden on women in rural areas through limited access to clean energy sources and unreliable energy supply. Energy shortages impact Women’s daily tasks, livelihoods, and economic opportunities in addition to the challenges they face related to education, health, and household responsibilities due to energy limitations and fluctuations.


Climate change alters water availability and growing seasons, affecting agriculture and food security in rural areas. Changes in precipitation patterns and temperature can lead to reduced crop yields, livestock productivity, and food availability. Women, who play a crucial role in food production, processing, and household food security, bear the brunt of these impacts. Reduced incomes, food insecurity, and malnutrition disproportionately affect women and their families, perpetuating social and economic inequalities.


Women’s representation and participation in decision-making processes concerning energy policies and investments are often inadequate in Central Asia. This results in gender-blind energy planning and implementation, neglecting the specific needs and perspectives of women. It is therefore essential to ensure women have a voice in shaping energy policies, strategies, and projects to create sustainable and inclusive solutions to mitigate the gender disparities exacerbated by the energy crisis and transition.



Author: Saida Usmonova, IWMI

Hydro4U project partner TIIAME organises Workshop at the Ministry of Natural Resources

In February, Hydro4U project partner TIIAME has conducted a seminar dedicated to the experience and prospects of using electrofishing and telemetry methods in scientific research in Uzbekistan.


The seminar-training focused on “Electrofishing and telemetry” within the Hydro4U project and brought together 25 experts in the fields of ecology, fisheries and natural resources management from the Ministry of Natural Resources, Academy of sciences as well as the National association of “Uzbekbalyk” to discuss the latest research and developments in the mentioned areas.


Besides that, there was an opportunity for speakers to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method, as well as discussing different types of equipment and technologies. TIIAME representative Professor Bakhtiyor Karimov provided enough information about the use of electrofishing with the aim of assessing the impacts of small hydropower on fish populations in Uzbekistan and made a presentation about the use of telemetry for tracking the movements of snowtrout in Shakhimardan river.


Author & picture credits: TIIAME

Hydro4U project coordinator meets the Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to Germany in Bavaria

Last week, Hydro4U project coordinator Bertalan Alapfy from the Technical University of Munich had the honor to meet the Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to Germany, Mr. Omurbek Tekebaev, in the Bavarian village Großweil. Together with the operators, they visited the first Hydroshaft power plant, that has been in operation on the River Loisach since 2020. Although the facility is generally operating well, a lot of technical-economic optimization measures have been identified both during construction and operation.


Within the Hydro4U project, together with Erhard Muhr GmbH and Global Hydro Energy we have used these experiences to further develop the Hydroshaft concept into a modular and scalable water-to-wire product line.


The Ambassador was delighted to get to know the details of these developments, as the first such facility will be implemented in the At-Bashy region of the Kyrgyz Republic. The feasibility design has been developed by our Hydro4U project coordinator and his team, with valuable inputs from all project partners. Now we are handing over to ILF Consulting Engineers for the detailed construction design. According to plan, construction start is scheduled for fall this year.




Author: Bertalan Alapfy

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Picture credits: Andreas Sauer

Registration for the International Summer School 2023

This year, the International Summer School will take place from 16 – 30 August 2023 in Kyrgyztan.


KSTU, as one of the partners of Hydro4U project, annually holds a two-week Summer School for students. This programme was already developed jointly by KSTU and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in 2019.


In 2023, the number of scholarships from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has been increased in accordance with the great demand among German students, amounting to 15 scholarships. Previously, there were only up to 8 scholarships and the rest participated at their own expense. The target group of the Summer School mainly focuses on civil or environmental engineering students currently enrolled in their master’s degree. A special focus is also on young engineers, who already gained professionals knowledge in water related topics.


The DAAD scholarship is only available for students from German Universities. Students from other Universities outside of Germany must find another way of funding themselves.

Make sure to apply and be part of the Summer School 2023!


The submission of documents and registration is open on the DAAD website Ausschreibung Go East – Sommer- und Winterschulen 2023 für ausländische Hochschulen – DAAD as well as on the KSTU website https://kstu.kg/en/summer-school-1 .


The application deadline for DAAD Scholarships is June 5th 2023. The Deadline for self-funding applications is on June 20th 2023.



Author: Venera Baichekirova

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HYDRO4U Special Session at the ASIA 2023 Conference

This year, the global water and energy community got together at the ASIA 2023 conference from 14th to 16th of March, where participants had the opportunity to attend various sessions on topics such as environmental aspects of hydro and dam development, but also on the topic of European innovations in Central Asia.


For this, a special session was jointly organized by the IEA Hydropower Technology Collaboration Program (TCP) and the Hydro4U innovation project. Recent activities of the IEA Hydro are increasingly focusing on valuating of and technical solutions for additional services provided by hydropower, such as flood control and drought management, flexibility on multiple scales, storage, or hybridization, not only for individual plants but also in large river basins.


Within Hydro4U, sustainable design and operation of innovative European small hydropower technology will be demonstrated at two pilot sites currently under development in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan as well as additional planning sites. The technological innovation at the two demo sites is based on the low-head Hydroshaft concept and a medium-head Francis container solution. Both technologies are developed in combination with sustainability aspects such as fish habitat protection and passage in both directions as well as a detailed analysis of climate change resilience.


The decision on the final design is expected at the end of May 2023, followed by detailed construction drawings to be prepared until the end of July 2023. After the authority approvals, expected in August 2023, the construction of the Demo Site in At-Bashy is planned to be started in September 2023.



Authors: Bertalan Alapfy, Klaus Jorde

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For more information on the ASIA 2023 conference: ASIA 2023 / Hydro4U Special Session – Hydro4U