Demonstration activities on six real hydroelectric power plants: the D-HYDROFLEX project

D-HYDROFLEX will employ demonstration activities on six real hydroelectric power plants (HPP) across five European countries. This will ensure the replicability of the developed solutions in different geographical and market set ups testing variety use cases.

#1 Polish demo


Demo site: Wały Śląskie hydroelectric power plant

Country: Poland

Location: Brzeg Dolny

Capacity [MW] : 10

Hydro System:  4 Kaplan turbines

Type: Run-of-river


Demo outcomes: As part of the D-Hydroflex project, the Wały Śląskie Water Power Plant will implement a “turbine digital twin” supported by hydrological modelling and CFD simulations. This comprehensive digital twin will also incorporate a predictive maintenance tool, aimed at improving the turbine’s reliability. This initiative sets a precedent for modernizing hydroelectric plants with advanced digital solutions.


Demo impact: The introduction of these technologies is expected to bring numerous benefits. The digital twin and predictive maintenance tool will enable real-time monitoring and data-driven decision-making, improving the overall efficiency and sustainability of the plant. Additionally, the enhanced modelling capabilities will provide deeper insights into hydrological patterns, contributing to more effective water management and energy production strategies. These advancements will bolster the plant’s output and serve as a model for similar facilities looking to adopt modern digital solutions.


Involved Partners:


TAURON: Demo HPP owner

PWR: University

#2 Romanian Demo


Demo site: Bratia Hydroelectric Power Plant

Country: Romania

Location: Albeștii de Muscel

Capacity [MW] : 1,56MW

Hydro System:  2 Pelton turbines

Type: Run-of-river


Demo outcomes of the Romanian demo will be focused on:

  • Fault detection and predictive maintenance based on advanced SCADA data processing.
  • Energy production forecasting, based on available data related to the power station operation
  • Hybridization of HPP for increased flexibility by facilitating connection to other renewable energy sources via local smart grids and/or VPP.


Demo impact of the Romanian demo will be focused on:

  • Increase smart readiness of the HPP for operation and preventive maintenance purposes
  • Readiness for hybrid future connection with other RES sources and/or VPP
  • Readiness for integration & operation into local smart grids


Involved Partners:

IDEA Technology provider

INTEX Demo HPP owner

CARTIF Research Institute

#3 Spanish Demo


Demo site: Salto de Touro Hybrid Hydroelectric Power Plant

Country: Spain

Location: Ulla River

Capacity [MW]: 12

Hydro System:  2 Kaplan turbines

Type:    Run-of-river


Demo outcomes: The Spanish demo aims to revolutionize run-of-river hydro power plants by integrating a hybrid model for enhanced flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability. This involves generating hydrogen on-site through an electrolysis plant with 0.4 MW of installed capacity, contributing to a substantial reduction of emissions compared to conventional technologies. Other key outcomes include advancements in hybrid power plant knowledge, algorithms for optimal operation, and comprehensive environmental parameter monitoring.


Demo impact: This demo not only fosters sustainable practices but also facilitates the integration of hydrogen technology in small hydro power plants, aligning with energy targets and enhancing economic and environmental sustainability within the hydro power sector.


Description of Technology implemented: Two multi-parameter probes will be installed, whose data will feed the algorithms that predict the production capacity of Green Hydrogen as a function of water quality.


Expected impact: The objective is to obtain an accurate understanding of the capacity of inland waters for use in the production of green hydrogen by determining the hybridisation possibilities of the extensive network of hydropower facilities in Europe.


Involved Partners:


TASGA Demo HPP owner

ENERGYLAB Research and Technology Institute

CARTIF Research and Technology Institute

#4 French Demo


Demo site:  Mauzac Hydroelectric Power Plant

Country: France

Location: Dordogne River & Selune River

Capacity [MW]: 13.2

Hydro System:  1 Kaplan & 5 Francis turbines

Type: Run-of-river


Demo outcomes


The main expected outcomes of the French demonstrators are:

  • Increasing the HPP performance regarding hydropower production while lowering its environmental impact, especially on fish passage.
  • Providing information on the migration dynamic fish species, such as salmon, eel, shad etc.
  • Optimization of the protection measure or devices, such as turbine management, installation of temporary scientific devices (additional bypass or trap and truck)
  • Increasing the knowledges on the dynamics of the fish migration (i.e., migration season, environmental triggers of the migration)


Demo impact

These efforts align with the goals of increasing hydropower production while minimizing the environmental impact. The French demonstrator showcases a commitment to sustainable energy practices and effective fish conservation strategies.


Involved Partners:

EDF Demo HPP owner

# 5 Greek Demo


Country: Greece

Regions: Kremasta  & Ilarion

Location: Acheloos & Aliakmon Rivers

Capacity: [MW] 437 & 153

Hydro system    4 Francis turbines & 2 Francis turbines

Type: Earth Fill


Demo outcomes: The technologies implemented and demonstrated within the Greek demo include:

  • An asset management platform that will integrate geometric, non-geometric and management information data.
  • The automatic generation of the geometric digital twin model for the HPPs.
  • A federated learning intrusion detection system, for early detecting cyberattacks against the OT and automation systems of the dams.


Demo Impact: The Greek demo aims to enhance hydroelectric power plant resilience by early detecting intrusions and malicious activities. Moreover, the demo aims to suggest data standards for efficient digital dam management in operations and maintenance.


Involved Partners:

MINDS Technology provider

PPC Demo HPP owner

UCL University

UOC University

Author: D-Hydroflex

Information on the demonstrators:


LinkedIn: d-hydroflex

Twitter: @d-hydroflex