Hydro4U partner GLOBAL Hydro: smarT technology & modular Kaplan design

GLOBAL Hydro is the world’s first contact for digital small hydropower technologies and ensures a livable environment for the future through innovative solutions. The independent company with many years of experience in hydropower specialises in Kaplan, Pelton and Francis turbines in the range of 100kW to 30MW. In Hydro4U, Global Hydro will develop turbine technology that meets the requirements in Central Asia in terms of costs, installation, maintenance and operation while ensuring the highest European quality standards.


GLOBAL Hydro is very active in Asia. The company was Platinum Sponsor of the most important hydropower fair in Nepal: the World Expo Himalayan Hydro Expo 2022 in Kathmandu that took place from 2nd to 4th of April 2022. Besides, a few months ago, GLOBAL Hydro founded GLOBAL Hydro India, a new subsidiary with more than 60 employees, to further support and expand their existing project network in Central Asia.


GLOBAL Hydro’s role in Hydro4U is to adapt their hydropower solutions for the Hydro4U demo sites. Their goal in the project is to further develop two different technologies in a forward-looking manner:


  • on the one hand, an innovative Kaplan turbine for irrigation canals and existing weir structures in a modular design and
  • on the other hand, the Francis Container: smarT container solution for medium heads.
SmarT Container (credits: GLOBAL Hydro)

For this purpose, two demonstration sites will be selected and realised: one with the innovative Kaplan turbine, and one with the Francis smarT solution. Thus, GLOBAL Hydro will be able to show these two core technologies.


Their activities in Central Asia will highlight the potential of small hydropower worldwide as:



  • the Hydro4U demonstration sites shall inspire to exploit unused hydropower potential worldwide, regardless of their size
  • GLOBAL Hydro will show that such kind of products with European quality standards are feasible in Central Asia as well as worldwide.


Author: Alexandra Vogt, GLOBAL Hydro


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