Hydro4U project coordinator meets the Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to Germany in Bavaria

Last week, Hydro4U project coordinator Bertalan Alapfy from the Technical University of Munich had the honor to meet the Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to Germany, Mr. Omurbek Tekebaev, in the Bavarian village Großweil. Together with the operators, they visited the first Hydroshaft power plant, that has been in operation on the River Loisach since 2020. Although the facility is generally operating well, a lot of technical-economic optimization measures have been identified both during construction and operation.


Within the Hydro4U project, together with Erhard Muhr GmbH and Global Hydro Energy we have used these experiences to further develop the Hydroshaft concept into a modular and scalable water-to-wire product line.


The Ambassador was delighted to get to know the details of these developments, as the first such facility will be implemented in the At-Bashy region of the Kyrgyz Republic. The feasibility design has been developed by our Hydro4U project coordinator and his team, with valuable inputs from all project partners. Now we are handing over to ILF Consulting Engineers for the detailed construction design. According to plan, construction start is scheduled for fall this year.




Author: Bertalan Alapfy

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Picture credits: Andreas Sauer