Hydro4U project partner TIIAME organises Workshop at the Ministry of Natural Resources

In February, Hydro4U project partner TIIAME has conducted a seminar dedicated to the experience and prospects of using electrofishing and telemetry methods in scientific research in Uzbekistan.


The seminar-training focused on “Electrofishing and telemetry” within the Hydro4U project and brought together 25 experts in the fields of ecology, fisheries and natural resources management from the Ministry of Natural Resources, Academy of sciences as well as the National association of “Uzbekbalyk” to discuss the latest research and developments in the mentioned areas.


Besides that, there was an opportunity for speakers to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method, as well as discussing different types of equipment and technologies. TIIAME representative Professor Bakhtiyor Karimov provided enough information about the use of electrofishing with the aim of assessing the impacts of small hydropower on fish populations in Uzbekistan and made a presentation about the use of telemetry for tracking the movements of snowtrout in Shakhimardan river.


Author & picture credits: TIIAME