Renpower Uzbekistan 2023: The path towards a new competitive power market

6 December 2023, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


This year, the Renpower Uzbekistan 2023 is dedicated to the just-energy transition with a special focus on accelerating investment and deployment of renewables in Uzbekistan.


This 4th annual edition will focus on the key topics related to the development of the renewable sector, namely the regulatory framework, current and future projects in power generation, technology solutions, electrical power infrastructure, energy storage, as well as on the financing of the sector.


The conversations will involve both public and private sector stakeholders. Hydro4U project coordinator Dipl. Ing. Bertalan Alapfy from the Technical University of Munich will contribute to the conference by presenting the EU-funded Hydro4U project in Session 2. He will join the panel of speakers online to share his views, expertise and projects on sustainable hydropower solutions, notably with the development of small scale hydropower in Central Asia, and Uzbekistan in particular.


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