Standardised and modular medium head power solution

Net Head 30 m - 130 m
Discharge (per module) 0.2 - 2.4 m³/s
Power Output (per module) 100 kW - 1 MW

General Presentation

The Francis Container Power Solution (FCPS) corresponds to a classic medium pressure concept for the lower power range. In Hydro4U, the structural part of the plant is rigorously reduced and standardised by eliminating the traditional powerhouse and installing the turbines in a prefabricated container. This offers the greatest possible degree of pre-assembly by reducing the installation efforts on the construction site to a minimum – concrete foundations and a mobile crane are enough to install and commission the mobile container solution and its equipment in a few days. Thus, installation time as well as civil construction and maintenance costs are reduced. The container concept and the machines already exist as plans and have been manufactured as prototypes. 


Another important characteristic of the Hydro4U concept is to standardise and modularise FCPS components. Whereas the design of a conventional small hydro power plant is adapted to the specific data of the site, project partner Global Hydro will develop a concept to use standardised modules with a low number of different types and sizes for the runner, the spiral case, the base frame and the generator speed. These standardised components shall be combined to a FCPS unit for a specific site and therefore reduce engineering and production costs. This concept of standardisation will also be extended to penstock and water intake. This will provide a competitive concept for medium head FCPS within Central Asia.