Modular low-head run-of-river power system with fish-friendly intake

Net Head 2 m - 12 m
Discharge (per module) 1.5 - 20.5 m³/s
Power Output (per module) 20 kW - 2 MW

General Presentation

The Hydroshaft Power Solution (HSPS) is an innovative and sustainable concept that was developed at the Technical University of Munich. It is a low-head, run-of-river hydropower solution combining efficient power generation with providing ecological consistency for the river.


Watch this video to discover how the shaft power plant works:


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The concept has already been applied within two commercial projects in Germany, a double-shaft implementation at Großweil, river Loisach, and a single-shaft implementation at Dietenheim, river Iller. Although these projects prove the functionality and the claimed ecological and technical advantages of the solution, it is also obvious that with conventional construction methods, it will be very difficult to enter new markets for the HSPS, as the level of complexity, the amount of constructional interfaces and therefore time and cost for its implementation are too high for markets with lower returns from later operation.


Therefore, the Hydro4U partners have set the target to develop an optimised technical design of the HSPS and demonstrate it in Central Asia. The new design focuses on modularity and pre-fabrication to enable a fast and simple implementation also at remote sites. A large replication potential for this new solution has been identified in Central Asia, but it is anticipated that the new design will also allow for the access to new markets all around the world.