Visit of potential planning site in Tajikistan

Hydro4U aims at demonstrating European small hydropower equipment and technologies in Central Asia thus contributing to a sustainable and climate-resilient future of the region. Besides the demonstration activities, Hydro4U will also include planning activities to expand the focus of the project, both regionally and in terms of content.


As Tajikistan has great potential for hydropower development in the Central Asian region, Oyture Anarbekov (IWMI) and Prof. Bakhtiyor Karimov (TIIIAME) visited the transboundary small river Karatag which crosses Shakhrinav and Mirzo Tursuzade districts of Tajikistan on 28th November 2021.


An important objective of this trip was to assess Karatag site’s capacity as a potential planning site for Hydro4U, specifically taking into account the Water-Energy-Food nexus as well as environmental aspects. Furthermore, the visit provided a great opportunity for enhancing the cooperation between local stakeholders and the Hydro4U project partners.


Photo Credits: IWMI