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News & Events

News & Events

Interested what is going on in our project and the small-scale hydropower community?
Then Check out Hydro4U’s latest news & events. You can sort by category.

Small-hydropower solutions from Europe are on their way to Central Asia
Symposium Wallgau 2023
Kaplan EVO – rethinking the Kaplan Turbine with the bigger picture in Mind
7th Annual International Congress and Exhibition: Hydropower Central Asia and Caspian
Stakeholder Consultation Meeting on deployment Count4D tool and foster water governance for optimum benefits sharing in Shakhimardan basin
5th Hydro4U Newsletter – May 2023
Empowering Women in Central Asia’s Energy Transition: Addressing Gender in the Hydro4U Project
Hydro4U project partner TIIAME organises Workshop at the Ministry of Natural Resources
Wet and Hot Central Asia
The Central Asia Climate Change Conference | Hydro4U Keynote in Parallel Session A.3