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News & Events

News & Events

Interested what is going on in our project and the small-scale hydropower community?
Then Check out Hydro4U’s latest news & events. You can sort by category.

Connecting fish and people: Protection of Fish Biodiversity in Mountainous areas of Central Asia
Hydro4U partner TIIAME meets with the delegation of the German Ministry of Education and Research
Harnessing open-source datasets for global Water–Food–Energy–Climate Nexus analysis, demonstrated in Central Asia
2023 HydroKG Summer School in Kyrgyzstan
6th Hydro4U Newsletter – September 2023
LIFE NEXUS: What if urban water networks could become a source of renewable energy?
Global Experts Identify Top 100 Questions to Improve Sustainable Management of Hydropeaking
Hydro4U Consultation in At-Bashi, Kyrgyzstan Explores Water Governance and Count4D Tool Deployment