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News & Events

Interested what is going on in our project and the small-scale hydropower community?
Then Check out Hydro4U’s latest news & events. You can sort by category.

Behind the scenes of European project cooperation: How does innovation management work?
4th Hydro4U Newsletter – January 2023
Muhr Group relies on scalable approach for the new hydroshaft power plant
Site surveys in At-Bashi to investigate the geotechnical subsurface conditions
Viennahydro 2022 – 21st International Seminar on Hydropower Plants
Studying fish movements and habitat use in the rivers of the Shakhimardan enclave – fishing/tagging/tracking
Happy Faces all around – Hydro4U team met with Kyrgyz cooperation partner Orion
3rd Hydro4U Newsletter – October 2022
Hydro4U presents first ecological results of the Shakimardan case study at the 36th Congress of the International Society of Limnology in Berlin
Hydro4U contributes to KSTU Summer School 2022 “HydroKG Kyrgyzstan – hydropower, ecology and hydromorphology”